Poesy 99 / 00.

“Not really knowing where or when”.

A series of writings put together in the absence of sustained drink.


Pressure pushes then numbs,
to the point of being slightly pointless,
because you cannot feel what
should hurt but displaced
pain in a part different.

Depressing with spreading thumb,
'til the area is white,
devoid of blood, feeling without a sense.

Distracted about other trivia,
the thing that matters is gone,
forgotten, white, colourless,
shouting pain but not heard.

'til later, suppressed, then unsurpassed.

Free to feel, we look elsewhere.


ignore me
go away
other things
describe the way it is
and I say it is.

but no bodies felt like you
your skin is a magnet
with freckles
innocent of all wanting
knowing the feeling but denial

no bodies ever knew
and never will.


I lick the moisture around my lips,
need to reknew

Tongue feels finger,
heaves a sigh surrounding,
breathe, the tips of a finger.
Need to reknew

Untitled I

All the faces they look the same
but no one stares at you,
unaware of what you now are.
Just in case
no one is the same,
just in case,
unaware of what you might be.
Unaware of what you are.
Not knowing not caring,
awaiting you to declare.
I said, say, will say nought.
I was, am and always will be.


Untitled II

I have no feeling,
no emotion takes over,
I stare at the eyes that stare at me.

They want me to look,
to stare at them,
to take in what ever I might show.

From that
sell on,
again some time

The Singer

The singer
shakes his head stoccato style,
eyes closed, open, closed, closed and closed again.

The singer sings,
head nestles in his shoulder,
nestles, rocks, nestles and nestles again.

Eyes open and closed and stay closed.
foot taps and again and again
and then the drum taps.

Sing you singer for all your worth
because this is your value
and I love you.

The wanting.

You say nought,
You do nought.

I feel nought,
But not anymore. I love you.


Feeling joy is good,
don't feel bad,
unusual complaint,
to share the joy and 
to be taken
to be insecured.
Don't fear the fear.


Very ape.

Very ape 1.55.

     Rape me 2.49.

Untitled III

His head leans forward,
glasses slip quietly below.
He threatens to tell,
you want him to tell.

You always have but
he has remained stifled
by a desire
to take care.